Twinstar (Northstar) Attachments is recognized as an innovative manufacturer of specialized attachments and equipment designed primarily for tractors and loaders. Twinstar manufactures four major product groups and over 175 different combinations of products. Markets include hay, dairies, orchards, vineyards, nurseries, equine, landscape, general farm, hobby farm, and light construction. Twinstar has built a reputation for manufacturing innovative products designed for functionality and longevity.

Twinstar Hay Rakes

Twinstar Hay Rakes represent the latest technology in basket rakes. These rugged built rakes were designed to rake two windrows together and for turning hay to speed up drying time prior to baling for high production commercial hay farming, custom operators and for dairies raking green chop hay.

The Twinstar Hay Rake Product Line consists of five models in 6-bar and 7-bar series in 27' and 30' sizes for windrowers with headers 12' – 18'.

Lonestar Single Basket Rakes

Lonestar Rakes are part of the Twinstar Basket Rake family designed for demanding conditions and for operators who expect reliability and longevity.

The Lonestar Single Basket Rake Product Line consists of one 5-bar model with a maximum raking width of 9'-3?.


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