Horst Wagons knows that your business is resting on their wagons, so it's their business to make sure both you and your equipment can rest easy. They are committed to making reliable wagons with top quality materials. 

Horst Combine Header Carriers
Productivity often hides in the details, such as getting from one field to another quickly. Trailing your combine head with a Horst CHC Wagon keeps you moving with safe and easy road travel. 

Running Gear
The no-sway design of Horst's running gear provides a smooth trailing wagon that eliminates the zig-zag action through tapered roller bearings on all the main pivot points. This includes the king-pins and steering pivot joint. 

The predictable trailing movement of Horst's Header Wagons is especially important for combine operators who don't have a clear rear-view and need to rely on a steady trailing wagon.


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