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Edney Distributing Company, Inc. Announces Transition of CEO to Board Chair

Doug Edney Transitions to Board Chair at Edney Distributing

MINNEAPOLIS – Edney Distributing Company, Inc. is fourth-generation family business that distributes high quality equipment within the following markets: agricultural, lawn and turf maintenance, forestry, and light industrial has announced that Doug Edney has transitioned from his role as CEO to Board Chair, effective April 3rd, 2023. This gradual transition has been well-planned and thoughtfully executed.

Doug Edney has been with the company for nearly 50 years and has served as CEO for the past 2 years. During his tenure as CEO, Edney Distributing has seen tremendous growth and success. In his new role as Board Chair, Doug Edney will continue to provide strategic guidance to the company, as he leads the newly formed board with its recently appointed independent directors.

"I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished at Edney Distributing over the years," said Doug Edney. "I am confident that our Senior Leadership Team will continue to lead the company to even greater success in the years to come."

Taking over as CEO is current President, Jennifer Edney, who has been with the company for over 15 years and has served in a variety of leadership roles. Edney has a proven track record of success and is well-equipped to lead Edney Distributing into the future.

"I am honored to take on the role of CEO and continue building on the great work our team has accomplished," said Jennifer Edney. "I am committed to ensuring that Edney Distributing remains a leader in the industry and that we continue to provide exceptional service to the dealers and suppliers who count on us while staying true to our core values and the people of our company, as an employer of choice.”

Edney Distributing is confident that this transition will be seamless and that the company will continue to thrive under Jennifer Edneys’ leadership. The company would like to thank Doug Edney for his unwavering dedication and leadership as CEO and looks forward to his continued involvement as Board Chair.

Doug’s transition from daily operations to his new role will be celebrated at multiple events throughout 2023.

For more information, please watch this video of Doug talking about his transition, his history with the company and what it means for Edney to have another great leader and family member stepping into the role of CEO.

Edney Distributing names Neal Kurth Chief Operating Officer

Neal Kurth Promoted to COO by Edney Distributing

MINNEAPOLIS – Edney Distributing Company, Inc. is fourth-generation family business that distributes high quality equipment within the following markets: agricultural, lawn and turf maintenance, forestry, and light industrial. Due to the company’s continued growth, Edney has promoted Neal Kurth to the role of COO. Neal joined Edney in January of 2021, as the Senior Pricing Analyst. In his tenure with Edney, he has proven to be a strong leader with an expertise in pricing and strategy, a deep understanding of Edney culture, and a clear vision for the future.

Within his role of COO, Neal will be taking over as EOS Integrator with a focus on running the day-to-day operations, accountability for profit and loss and execution of the business plan, working closely with Jenni Edney who will continue to serve as the President and EOS Visionary with a focus on growth, business development, and strategy.

According to Jenni, “Edney Distributing is very pleased that Neal has accepted this promotion which expands his role with the Company. He is a trusted member of the leadership team who has earned the respect of his colleagues and is deeply aligned with the Company’s Core Values. Using the strong analytical and communication skills honed over his thirty-year career and military service, Neal has my full confidence and is poised for success. The Pricing Analyst role he previously held has been backfilled by Matt Yost, who is making a positive impact with his Excel and SQL prowess, can-do attitude, and eagerness to learn.

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Market Volatility

As you are aware, price increases, extended factory lead times, and transportation delays are becoming prevalent in our industry due to a variety of complex factors including the impact of COVID-19, global supply chain issues for components and other inputs, growing demand, and surging steel prices.

Edney Distributing is reacting to this market volatility as quickly as administratively possible and keeping you informed as updates become available via our website, email updates, and e-Newsletters. We encourage you to advise your customers of the current challenges, to set their expectations appropriately during the sale process. You're also encouraged to confirm pricing, availability, and freight costs with us at the time of order...