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DXH752 Horizontal Tree Saw for Excavator

Product Info

Item #: BAU DXH752T550
Take your rural property a cut above and tackle overgrown brush and small trees with DropSaw, Baumalight’s hydraulically-driven tree saw. The 52” DXH752 DropSaw model, a large tree saw for excavators is a larger attachment that features heavy-duty construction and replaceable Beaver teeth. It is ideal for high volume commercial cutting, high speed pasture clearing, right-of-way clearing, trimming limbs along fence rows, and cutting downed trees into logs.
Key Features
  • T550 Motor
  • Heavy Duty Build: The DropSaw’s durable design and quality materials combine to create a saw that is able to stand up to the demanding work of cutting limbs and trees.
  • Blade Mounted on Heavy Duty Bearing Support: DropSaw's blade is mounted on an overhung load adapter, which is designed with tapered roller bearings and built to stand up to the rigors of sawing limbs and trees.
  • Saw Blade Shielding: The durable shield encloses the blade for protection, directing the chips as it easily cuts through limbs and trees.
  • Designed for Maximum Visibility: Making sure you have the best seat in the house, DropSaw was designed with maximum visibility in mind, allowing you to make cleaner and better cuts.
  • Easy Access Panels for Service: Built for the long haul, DropSaw has multiple removable panels for easier access and servicing.
  • Clean Cuts: DropSaw makes clean work of limbing and trimming trees safely and quickly, leaving pruned trees with a clean cut.
  • Better Access: Excavators can also go where tractors and skid steers cannot, giving you and DropSaw access to areas that had to be cleared by hand in the past.
  • Bolt-On Excavator Adaptor: Our bolt-on mounting adaptors provide strength and future flexibility. If needed, your DropSaw can easily be bolted to another adaptor to mount to your new excavator.
  • Replaceable Beaver Teeth: Made from high-grade alloy steel, the Beaver style, with its straight edges, is a very durable tooth. Tips can be re-sharpened right on the blade with a teeth grinder.
  • Available with Gear Motor or Bent Axis Piston Motor: Our Industry leading bent axis piston motors make the most efficient use of your hydraulic flow and pressure for pruning, trimming and land clearing.
  • Protective Powder Coat Finish: Heavy duty construction and a durable powder coated finish.

Item Specifications

  • No
  • Horizontal
  • 52"
  • 25-40 GPM
  • T550
  • Piston
  • Fixed

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