APV was founded in 1997, according to the motto "Not reinventing the wheel, but rather further developing and optimizing good products". The first implements were hand-made by the young entrepreneur, Jürgen Schöls. At the age of only 22, the young entrepreneur already knew that at APV, nothing should be accepted as given, rather everything should be scrutinized in terms of the possibilities for further optimization.

"Innovations for the future" is the motto at APV, and their team lives and works according to the slogan "Inspired by farmers & realized by professionals". Their knowledge is based on many years of practical experience in agriculture. Their product management and sales teams are constantly observing the trends and challenges posed by the modern agricultural technology market. For this reason, the R & D department at APV is continuously developing high-quality implements that feature time-saving operations with efficient applications and maximum effectiveness.

The focus of their efforts is ensuring premium quality products - made in Austria.


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