48" Estate Rake

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Item #: ALS ER-6
Estate Rake

The high quality construction and unique design of Estate Rake allows the flexibility to effectively cover uneven ground, while raking leaves, or trash covered areas that were formerly too large to do by hand.

  • Dethatches dead grass while manicuring healthy green grass
  • Tines space for optimum dethatching, but if raking a lot of thick grass clippings, other debris can/will also "stick" and be picked up (twigs, leaves, misc yard debris)
  • Adjust rake angle for more/less aggressive rking applications
  • Weight boxes on each arm for bricks or water jugs (for dethatching weight)
  • Assembles in about an hour, disassembles for storage in minutes
  • Tines replaceable in bundles of 36 (36 per wheel)
  • Rake wheels individually replaceable
  • Rake arms lift & lock for transport

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