96" Everest Snowblower - Red

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Item #: GMF 6096-R
6096 model

Everest snowblowers have been designed and built with quality and durability to meet all your snow clearing needs. With a range of sizes for 14hp - 125hp tractors there will be one to fit your tractor. All Everest Snowblowers are Quick Hitch compatible which makes for ease of attachment. Shear bolts protect both the PTO driveline and the auger drive from unforeseen foreign objects or overload.

  • All models feature a 3 position adjustable hitch for ease of attachment.
  • Replaceable cutting edge is standard on 6096 model.
  • The integrated hydraulic spout rotator on the 6096 model makes efficient use of your hydraulic power available.
  • 6 position adjustable skid shoes allow for precise height setting of the cutting edge. Parking jack is standard on all models.
  • Hydraulic deflector kit is standard on the 6096 model.
  • Tough cast flange bearings are used for increased strength and less maintenance.
  • Whether your snow is light and fluffy, or dense and compacted, the 4-blade fan is the perfect medium to get the job done.
  • Replaceable Cutting Edge Standard on all models.

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  • 96"

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