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DSA530 Rotating Tree Saw for Skid Steer

Product Info

Item #: BAU DSA530T508
Overcome the challenge of dense brush and take down small trees efficiently with DropSaw, the hydraulically-driven tree saw. The DSA530 DropSaw model, a multi angle tree saw for skidsteers is power angled by a helical actuator, rotating the cutting head 180 degrees for quick and precise cutting, trimming and limbing. Featuring a high-speed circular blade with replaceable carbide teeth for improved durability, and advanced hydraulics for longer motor life, the DropSaw is an ideal tool for your rural property.
Key Features
  • T508 Motor
  • Rotating Head with Helical Actuator: Available with 180º rotating cutting the head, powered by a rotating helical actuator offers precise control for quick, clean trimming and limbing.
  • Aux Electrical Connection for in Cab Control: For simple in cab control, the DSA530 is available with Baumalight's Auxiliary Electrical Connection.
  • Heavy Duty Build: The DropSaw’s durable design and quality materials combine to create a saw that is able to stand up to the demanding work of cutting limbs and trees.
  • Blade Mounted on Heavy Duty Bearing Support: DropSaw's blade is mounted on an overhung load adapter, which is designed with tapered roller bearings and built to stand up to the rigors of sawing limbs and trees.
  • Saw Blade Shielding: The durable shield encloses the blade for protection, directing the chips as it easily cuts through limbs and trees.
  • Designed for Maximum Visibility: Making sure you have the best seat in the house, DropSaw was designed with maximum visibility in mind, allowing you to make cleaner and better cuts.
  • Easy Access Panels for Service: Built for the long haul, DropSaw has multiple removable panels for easier access and servicing.
  • Clean Cuts: DropSaw makes clean work of limbing and trimming trees safely and quickly, leaving pruned trees with a clean cut.
  • Hoses Supplied: Skidsteer DropSaw models ship with the necessary hydraulic hoses, so you can connect and go to work.
  • Hoses Double Shielded: All of the hydraulic hoses are routed internally where possible and sleeved for operator and hose protection, while the connecting hoses are sleeved and wrapped in hose armor for double protection.
  • Hose Support: Skidsteer Dropsaws feature travelling hose supports that relieves pressure and strain on hoses.
  • Mount Angle: DropSaw's skidsteer plate is on a roll back angle. This gives you even more flexibility to successfully trim areas that are difficult to reach.
  • No Grease Rotation: Thanks to the DSA530's rotating heliacal actuator, the head doesn’t rotate on a pin and doesn’t need greasing.
  • Available with Gear Motor or Bent Axis Piston Motor: Our Industry leading bent axis piston motors make the most efficient use of your hydraulic flow and pressure for pruning, trimming and land clearing.
  • Angled Push Bar with Protective Mesh: The large push bar with integrated safety mesh is angled to help guide any falling debris away from the operator.
  • AR400 Steel Blade: The DropSaw’s heavy duty circular blade is designed and shaped from AR-400 steel. This abrasion resistant steel is rugged and ready for the abuse of a long service life.
  • Protective Powder Coat Finish: Heavy duty construction and a durable powder coated finish.
  • Front Push Bar: A solid serrated steel plate up front helps guide limbs, branches and small trees safely away from the operator.
  • Anti-Slip Mat for Easy Access to Cab: For ease of entry and exit from the cab an anti-slip strip gives sure footing.
  • Internal Hose Routing: All of the hydraulic hoses on the DropSaw are sleeved for operator and hose protection while the connecting hoses are sleeved and wrapped in hose armour for double protection.
  • High Speed Teeth: The concave shaped carbide tip of our High Speed Teeth provide aggressive cutting action by chipping the brush bit by bit.
  • Easy Teeth Changing: The high speed teeth design allows for easy rotation and changing of the teeth as needed.
  • Greaseable Pins: Our grease pins are zinc plated to prevent corrosion which will allow for smoother operation of the units joints over their lifetime.
  • Rubber Shock Mounts: The DropSaw features rubber shock mounts that protect the life of the DropSaw’s motor and provides the operator with optimal comfort during operation.

Item Specifications

  • 1 Positive Pin
  • 180 Degree
  • 30"
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Universal Skid Steer
  • Actuator

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