WI Farm Technology Days

Johnson Creek, WI
July 23-25, 2019


Schlaffman Farm - Mitchell, SD
August 20-22, 2019

MN State Fair

State Fair Grounds, St. Paul, MN
August 22 - September 2, 2019

Company Directory

Please dial our main incoming line and make a selection from the menu. To speak with the first available team member, dial the number "0". Callers can also dial Edney team members directly by calling our main number, followed by an extension. When calling from outside the United States, the 888-number may not be accessible; please dial (952) 469-5267 to reach us.

Fax Numbers E-mail
Fargo, North Dakota 701-282-5569 Please use the following email addresses
for topic specific inquires:
Huron, South Dakota 605-352-4899         
Lakeville, Minnesota 952-469-5269   sales@edneyco.com
Portage, Wisconsin 608-742-1237   warranty@edneyco.com


Team Member Mobile Number Title Territory Email
Bryan Quinnell 608-474-0020 Sales Wisconsin bryanq@edneyco.com
Chris Bjerke 701-446-6555 Sales North Dakota chrisb@edneyco.com
Joe Bridges 320-260-3102 Sales  Northern MN joeb@edneyco.com
Kirk Swenson 605-770-6954 Sales South Dakota kirks@edneyco.com
Mike Busch* 712-660-3834 Sales Iowa/Nebraska mikeb@edneyco.com
Ross Gnotke
651-212-8372 Sales Southern MN rossg@edneyco.com
* Independent Rep

Territory Map

Team Member Phone Number
Title Location Email
Brad S. x114 Operations Associate Huron brads@edneyco.com
Brian B. x119 Operations Associate Fargo brianb@edneyco.com
Daniel S. x107 eCommerce Content Specialist Lakeville daniels@edneyco.com
Darcy S. x103 Financial Controller Lakeville darcys@edneyco.com
Dave B. x101 Operations Associate Lakeville daveb@edneyco.com
Dave M. x105 Warehouse Manager Lakeville davem@edneyco.com
Doug E. x106 President Lakeville dougedney@edneyco.com
Ed S. x127 Operations Associate Portage eds@edneyco.com
Jason R. x111 Warehouse Manager Huron jasonr@edneyco.com
Jennifer E. x128 Vice President Lakeville jennifer.edney@edneyco.com
Marissa S. x129 Marketing Comm. Specialist Lakeville marissas@edneyco.com
Nick C. x123 Operations Associate Fargo nickc@edneyco.com
Noah W. x121 Pricing and Business Operations Analyst Lakeville noahw@edneyco.com
Josh T. x120 Warehouse Manager Fargo josht@edneyco.com
Kara K. x124 Parts & Warranty Specialist Fargo karak@edneyco.com
Mark B. x126 Warehouse Manager Portage markb@edneyco.com
Mike P. x108 Sales Manager Lakeville mikep@edneyco.com
Randy T. x112 Operations Associate Huron randyt@edneyco.com
Steve W. x109 Operations Associate Lakeville stevenw@edneyco.com